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People everywhere are trying to be responsible stewards of the land, and Fehrenbacher Cabinets has been practicing this for many years. The Fehrenbacher Family has always had a deep respect and passion for helping preserve the Earth’s resource. In fact, since 1987, the Fehrenbacher Family has planted over 100,000 trees, and has many more on the way. These trees include a wide variety of different species such as: walnut, hickory, maple, several species of oaks, cherry, pecan, green ash, poplar, chestnut, white pine, sycamore, persimmon, and many others. Many of these species will have no timber value, but are planted for the wildlife or are used to stabilize ground along rivers and streams. We continue to plant more trees each year, in hopes of creating a better place for future generations to share and enjoy.

Here at Fehrenbacher Cabinets, we have strived to advance our manufacturing and technology to help meet the needs of our customers in an environmentally friendly manner.

The Green Process

  • All Fehrenbacher Cabinets are created from solid lumbers and veneer core plywood. No particle board is used in our manufacturing of custom cabinets. Particle Board is notorious for being produced with Formaldehyde and numerous other dangerous chemicals that act as a bonding agent amongst the wood fibers. All plywood used in Fehrenbacher Cabinets is Columbia-Pure Bond Plywood, which is 100% Formaldehyde Free.
  • Fehrenbacher Cabinets finishes all of its wood products in house. All finishes are ran through fluid heaters before being sprayed, reducing the need for chemical thinners and reducers to change the viscosity of the materials. All of our finishes emit far less HAPS (Hazardous Air Pollutants) than permitted by state regulations. All finishing takes place in front of vented booths, which forces any overspray into a series of micro filters before being exhausted out of the building.
  • All stationary machinery in the production facility is controlled by a 99% efficient dust collection system, keeping the air virtually free from airborne dust. All wood dust and shavings are collected into a central storage unit. The wood shavings are then used by a local landscaping company, where they are used in their nurseries to help preserve ground moisture around their plants.
  • Over 95% of all jobs produced by Fehrenbacher Cabinets are installed within a 80 mile radius of where they where produced. This is obviously much better on the environment than large semi-trucks delivering loads of cabinets to distributors half way across the country. All Fehrenbacher Cabinets are shipped, wrapped and padded with reusable furniture blankets, eliminating the need for several tons of cardboard each year to box each individual unit.

Truly Renewable Resource

  • There are an estimated 745 million acres of forest in the U.S.
  • 6 trees are planted for every one harvested in the U.S.
  • In the early 1900s, 20-50 million acres were lost to fires each year. Today, that is between 2-7 million acres, a reduction of 86%.
  • Hardwood volume increases by 5.27 billion cubic feet annually-even after harvests, fires, insects, and disease.
  • 80% of the trees planted each year are planted by forest product companies and private timberland owners. Annually, over 1.7 billion trees are planted in the U.S. That’s 4.8 million a day!
  • Forest growth has exceeded harvest since the 1940s. Today, growth exceeds harvest by 47%.

Solar Energy

Watch the video below to see the impact our solar panels have made!

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