CNC Capabilities

CNC Capabilities

CNC Cabinet Parts, Moldings, Counter Tops, and Components

In 2008, Fehrenbacher Cabinets, Inc. invested in a C.R. Onsrud CNC Router. (Computer Numerically Controlled) This computer controlled machine takes information input directly from our cabinet design software and performs the necessary operations to prepare the material for assembly. 98% of our cabinet case parts are cut to size, routed for fixed shelves, drilled for adjustable shelves, notched for nailers and toe kicks, on the router. A job that previously took a multitude of machines to complete can now be done with a single machine, in a more efficient and accurate fashion than ever before.


We have the ability to cut plywood, solid lumber, MDF, composite panels, solid surface, and plastics in various thicknesses (14” of clearance below spindle). The work area is a 61” x 145” table allowing us to cut very large parts.


Because the machine is 100% computer numerically controlled, parts can be reproduced time and time again with guaranteed accuracy, with tighter tolerances than could ever be achieved with tape measure and conventional cutting methods. Whether you need 1 part or 10,000, you can expect them to be cut and machined to exact specifications every time. Parts can be saved in the database, and recalled, cut and machined for future projects with the click of a few buttons.


With the state of the art technology we have invested in, and the experienced craftsmen we have working with us each day, there is no project that we can not handle. Every piece we create is 100% custom, made to your specifications. We have never built the same kitchen twice. Whether we are working on an intricate, one of a kind, piece of furniture, or the most basic of cabinets, our goal is always to meet and exceed all customer expectations.


The CNC machine is fully capable of running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The machine cuts each part with an 18 horsepower router spindle, rotating at 24,000 rpm, at a speed of 900 inches per minute, all while maintaining a tolerance of .0008”.


With the CNC Router, we are able to output our parts and nest them into the sheets of material getting better yield on material than could ever be achieved by conventional methods of cutting. Most nests look like a jigsaw puzzle with parts interlocking into each other. Any remaining scraps can be put in the computerized off-cut manager and will be recalled for use on future projects.


We can cut components for contractor’s jobs in addition to our own production needs. We have router bits to allow us to create custom square, arched, and elliptical stile and rail doors and overlay moldings unique to every customers taste. We also have diamond tooling to create one piece routed MDF raised panel cabinet doors and wainscot panels. Lead times on CNC work can be as little as 2 days, pending job size and complexity.

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