Specialty Finishes

Stained Finishes may be applied to solid lumbers and wood veneers. FCI offers a wide variety of different standard and custom colors, ranging from natural (clear finish) to dark espresso colors. All stain colors can be applied to different wood species, however, the differences in wood density and grain type, the color may take on a completely different look on a new species.

Dry and Wet Glaze Stained Finishes are the two different types of glazes we offer on stained cabinets. A “wet” glaze is sprayed over the product, wiped off with a rag, leaving glaze remains in corners and crevices to help high light detail. A “dry” powder glaze is also available. A dry powder glaze works very different than a traditional “wet” glaze. A dry glaze is sprayed over the product. Once dry, it is removed by buffing off with an abrasive pad. The dry glaze is great for creating a more dramatic shadow/halo effect. Glazing also accentuates the distressing in the cabinets.

Wire Brushed Finishes are a relatively new offering by FCI. In 2016, FCI purchased the machinery required to create an authentic “barn wood”  like finish, all while using brand new, kiln dried lumber. Wire brushed finishes are recommended on naturally open grain lumbers. Rustic red oak, white oak, ash, and walnut all work very well. The wire brushing process will help remove the softer grain in the material, magnifying the natural grain in the lumber. We can achieve a look in minutes that naturally takes 100 years to achieve out in the weather.

Rustic Finishes emphasize the natural character found in lumber: knots, mineral streaks, worm streaks, minor splits, tiger stripe, color variations, and numerous other natural occurring characteristics found in lumber. All parts and pieces are carefully inspected to ensure they are structurally sound. Not all pieces will display their unique characteristics, so we certainly recommend distressing to help ensure all parts appear to have the worn look you are seeking. Stain and glazed finishes are most common on these projects. The glaze helps to accentuate the character and distressing in the wood.

Painted Finishes offer our clients a wide variety of colors to select from. We stock 6 different shades of white, but also have the ability to match any Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams paint color. All FCI paints are post catalyzed and oven cured, making them very chemical and moisture resistant. All painted finishes are primed with two coats of primer, oven cured, sanded between coats, cleaned and then a final top coat of paint is applied. An optional clear coat can be added over the painted finishes for increased durability.

Paint and Glaze Finishes have been extremely popular over the past 20 years and continue to be a best seller in our region. With a glazed finish, after the painted product is sanded, a heavy (stain like) glaze is sprayed over the entire surface. The glaze is hand wiped from the product. After the glaze is dried, a top coat of clear conversion varnish is applied to create a barrier over the glaze and paint. The glaze will slightly tint the entire surface as well as highlight all the detail in the cabinet doors and moldings. Glaze adds depth to any finish, accentuates details, and gives a cabinet a more casual, warm feel when compared to a stark plain white cabinet. NOTE: Please keep in mind, the more detail your cabinet has, the more the glaze will be present in the finished product. If you choose a basic shaker style door and simple cove crown molding, there will be minimal areas for the glaze to hang, so the glaze will be less noticeable in this style cabinet.

Burn Through Finishes commonly utilize a wood toner that is applied to the wood surfaces to help create the desired background color. A clear coat is applied over the toner, followed by a sanding process. The surface is now entirely coated with multiple coats of the desired paint color. After paint has been oven cured, the surface is now sanded, rubbing through on edges randomly (commonly on “high wear” areas that you would expect to see signs of wear on an old piece of furniture). The paint is rubbed through, or “burned through,” by sanding more aggressively on these areas we are wanting to highlight.


Vintage Finishes commonly utilize a wood toner that is applied to the surfaces to help create the desired background color. A semi-transparent coat of selected paint will then be applied to the surface. The surface is now sanded, rubbing through edges randomly; commonly on “high wear” areas that you would expect to see signs of wear on an old piece of furniture. A glaze is sprayed on the surface, hand wiped to highlight graining, distressing and detail with in the cabinetry. A top coat of clear conversion varnish is applied when glaze is dry. NOTE: This finish is not intended to cover/hide all the grain in the wood. Softer boards or areas with more open grain will be highlighted during the glazing process. This is NOT a defect, but part of the character in the wood that the glaze is highlighting. If a person does not want to see these unique grain characteristics, they should consider a standard paint and glaze, where the grain is completely covered over; therefore you will have a more consistent uniform finish.

Crackle and Peel Off Finishes will appear as if the paint is cracked, ready to flake off, as if it were an antique in your great grandmother’s shed. The peel off technique utilizes a multi-step finishing process which gives you a look that many authentic antique pieces display. We can create a brand new piece that will look as if it was once stained, then painted, sat for 30 years and then painted yet again only to show a worn finish with the history of the piece being displayed with each layer that is exposed. FCI can offer the crackle and peel off finish in any combination of colors, complemented with any glaze color. Most of the crackle and peel off finishes are top coated with a low sheen top coat, giving it a more authentic, dull finish.

All of our finishes are oven-cured to endure years of daily use. Oven-curing is the only way to ensure 100% chemical cross-linking between finishes, giving you a lasting, beautiful finish. All stained and specialty finishes are ran through our oven before being coated with 3 coats of one of the industries most reputable and durable catalyzed conversion varnish finishes. All items are oven-cured and sanded between coats to provide a smooth, durable finish for years to come.

FCI can supply cabinet finishes for your hardwood interior room doors and moldings. All room doors are finished with 3 coats of a clear conversion varnish and run through our oven-curing system, giving you a very durable and lasting finish. We offer stained, stained and glazed, painted and glazed, and any of our rustic finishes on room doors and moldings. Physical distressing can be added to any of these finishes. You can carry over the same beautiful finish you have on your cabinetry to the moldings, doors, and cased openings in your home!

FCI keeps accurate records of all the different finishes we have used over the years. If something were to become damaged or you would like to have additional cabinetry added to match in the future, we are able to reference our files and match your existing Fehrenbacher Cabinetry.

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