Specialty Finishes

FCI offers many of their quality cabinet finishes on hardwood interior room doors and moldings. All room doors are finished with 3 coats of a clear conversion varnish and run through our oven-curing system, giving you a very durable and lasting finish. We offer stained, stained and glazed, painted and glazed, and any of our rustic finishes on room doors and moldings. Physical distressing can be added to any of these finishes. You can carry over the same beautiful finish you have on your cabinetry to the moldings, doors, and cased openings in your home!

Oven cured finishes

All finishes are oven-cured that will endure years of daily use. Oven-curing is the only way to ensure 100% chemical cross-linking between finishes, giving you a lasting, beautiful finish. All stained and specialty finishes are ran through our oven before being coated with 3 coats of one of the industries most reputable and durable catalyzed conversion varnish finishes. All items are oven-cured and sanded between coats to provide a smooth, durable finish for years to come.

Stained Finishes

Fehrenbacher Cabinets, Inc. does not limit their customers to a few standard stain colors. We custom mix all of our own stains within our facility. Select from one of our numerous stain samples or we can custom tint our stains to meet your personal preference. All of FCI’s, stains are hand wiped finishes, ensuring a consistent, beautiful finish, time and time again.

Glazed Finishes

FCI’s, specialty glazed finishes have become very popular. Applying a glaze to any finish adds a great amount of depth to the over-all look of the finish. A glaze is great for highlighting detail within your doors, drawer fronts, cabinets, moldings, wood carvings, and appliqués. We have several standard glazes to choose from as well as having the ability to mix glazes to satisfy your taste. Glazes can be applied to natural, stained, and painted finishes.

Distressed Finishes

Many of FCI’s specialty finishes incorporate physical distressing to give them an aged look. We use a variety of different and unique techniques to give these finishes a very appealing look and feel. All of these distressing marks also become a great place for glaze to hang to help accent these areas. Rub through finishes have also become very popular. This technique uses an abrasive to “burn thru” the base color of the finish to give the cabinetry a worn look on obvious high wear areas. Any of our distressed and rub-through finishes can be customized to your likings.

Painted Finishes

FCI’s painted finishes are extremely durable. FCI uses catalyzed enamel paints which are sprayed on, oven-cured, and hand sanded between coats to ensure a beautiful finish. FCI has 5 standard paint colors and can have any color matched per a customer’s request. FCI also has a textured “matte” finish available on painted cabinetry. This increases the durability of the finish. The textured finish is very popular in a commercial application such as dentist and doctor’s offices.

Rustic Finishes

FCI Rustic Finishes are offered in many species of wood including Maple (wormy), cherry, alder, walnut, knotty pine, red and white oak, and hickory. FCI’s Rustic finishes features the natural beauty of the wood by randomly allowing variable sized knots, pin holes, worm holes, bark pockets, and mineral streaks. Adding physical distressing, glaze, or rub-though accents to these finishes adds to the depth and highlights the imperfections, the natural beauty of the wood. Any color stain or tinted shader can be used in combination with a variety of different glazes on the rustic finishes. A low sheen top coat can also be applied to the finishes to give them an authentic, aged look. Rustic finishes can be used on an entire kitchen, or as an accent piece in a room such as an island or piece of furniture. If we don’t have the exact rustic finish you are looking for, let us know and we’ll create a new finish just for you!

FCI keeps accurate records of all the different finishes they have used over the years. If something were to become damaged or you would like to have additional cabinetry added to match in the future, we are able to reference our files and match your existing Fehrenbacher Cabinetry.

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